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MOBI Charge

MOBI Charge is an electric vehicle charging station, that is an innovative product from B&D. It is used in public charging stations, buildings, malls, or housing for charging private cars, public transportation vehicles, logistics vehicles, or other purposes that require alternating current (AC) or direct current  (DC) charging. Available from 7kW up to 150kW (Ultra-Fast Charging).


The Advantages of the MOBI Charge are:

  • Easy to install and operate
  • High efficiency, reliable and stable performance
  • Supports multiple charging
  • Customable payment methods
  • Ethernet or wireless (3G/4G, GPRS & Wifi (Optional))
  • RFID Card / OCPP (optional)
  • Online data update
  • IP 54 (Other IP class availabe upon request)


Equipped with safety features
– Overcurrent
– Voltage drop
– Residual flow
– pulse voltage
– Leakage current
– Short circuit current
– Over temperature

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