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Quality Control

Meeting Your Demand

As the leading transformer company in Indonesia, quality is our number one priority. We implement standard working procedures throughout our business process. We conduct various checks and inspections throughout the production process to ensure they meet the highest criteria. We produce all vital components ourselves. For raw material and components, which we buy, we establish a long-term relationship with our supplier and conduct routine inspections to ensure their quality meet our criteria.


Quality Statement

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) Policy

To achieve the company’s Vision, and in line with what has been stated in the Mission Statement, creating a work ethic for giving “best quality in every aspect” is already the number one priority for the Company and is the standard code of conduct for every Company’s personnel in their day to day activities.

PT Bambang Djaja, as the transformer manufacturer in Indonesia, intends to achieve “best quality in every aspect” by promoting the following courses of action:

Human Resource

  • Empower based on talent and strength
  • Facilitate vocational development program
  • Conduct routine training according to job description
  • Nurture innovation and improvement

Quality Control

  • Stress on built-in quality in the work we do
  • Process standardization from upstream to downstream
  • Consistency in control of raw material and production process

Research & Development

  • Actively implement new technology to improve and easy our work
  • Continuously benchmark ourselves to the best in the field

Environment & Safety

  • Maintain and continuously improves Environment Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Take preemptive actions to prevent job related accident, disease, injury, and environment pollution
  • Comply with prevalent environment and occupational health and safety regulation
  • Create a safe and healthy working environment