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Distribution Transformers for MV Electricity Networks

Medium Voltage Electricity Network

In the medium voltage electricity network, the distribution transformer has a wide range of applications. Generally divided into two:

  1. Distribution transformer for utility – State Electricity Company (PLN)

Distribution transformer with capacity from 25 kVA up to 1000 kVA with SPLN standard. Most of the transformers installed in pole for electricity need of household customer of PLN.


  1. Distribution transformer for industry

PLN customers from the industrial sector will build their own electrical substation including its distribution transformer. Transformer capacity for industrial starts from 400 kVA up to 40 MVA depending on the application in a specific industry. In general specification 20 kV / 400 V Dyn5 used for :

  1. Hi-rise building
  2. General Purpose building (hospital, government building, general industry)


Distribution transformer with special/ specific specification with a voltage appropriate to the load :

  1. The industry with special/ specific specifications, for example :